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Frequently Asked Questions

2. What does the price include?

Vat is included and full safety concerning A, B, C categories as well as accident aid.

3. Is there any extra charge if we are serviced at hours not included in the scheduled timetable?

Yes, there is a charge of 22 euros for services outside the working hours (00:00 - 08:00).

4. How close is the office?

It is found at a 100 meter distance from the airport.

5. What are the ways of payment?

In cash and by acceptable cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, debit).

6. What does C.D.W mean?

Such term is included in the price and it means that you have an insurance with a responsibility amount that depends on the vehicle category.

8. How do we react in case of an accident?

You stay calm and call the number given.

9. Is there any free cancellation?

Yes there is anytime before reservation.

10. How much fuel is there in the car?

It is usually half-full. You have to return the vehicle with as much fuel as there is when it is delivered to you.

11. How do I reveive the vehicle?

A company assistant will wait for you at the Airport Arrivals, having a sign with your name written on. Then, you will be transfered to our office to receive your vehicle.

12. What documents do I need to have in order to rent the vehicle?

To receive the vehicle, you have to show payment proof (voucher), driving license, passport and the driver’s credit card, if needed.

13. Can I transfer the vehicle out of the island.

No, since there is no insurance covering a damage on the ship.

15. If there is delay in delivering the car, will there be charge?

If the office is not informed until two hours, yes there will be a charge.

17. Can I rent a car if I do not have a credit card?

Of course. You can rent it buying the full insurance.

19. Is the additional driver charged?

Yes the amount is 3 euros per day.

20. If there is a delayed flight, will you wait?

If we are informed, we will arrange to be there when you arrive. If we are not, we can wait for 45 minutes further.

21. How old shoud I be to rent a car?

You should be 23 years old and possess the driving license for at least a year concerning A, B, C categories. You should be 25 years old concerning the rest of the categories.